A thesis on how plane geometry disproves evolution

This was accomplished to explore the persistency or evolution through time of the active fault setting, at the surface, that could highlight characteristics of the seismic source, at depth.

A thesis on how plane geometry disproves evolution

Why Creationism Should Not be Taught as Science The following correction was subsequently made to this article in issue 3 volume2. On page 13 paragraph 3 it was stated that the "Tennessee law which John Scopes was charged with breaking" was declared unconstitutional.

A thesis on how plane geometry disproves evolution

This is not so. In June of the next year the case was appealed in the State Supreme Court. The judges were determined to clear up the issue and prevent a further appeal to the U.

Supreme Court, so they, "having decided that the law was constitutional, nevertheless reversed the conviction on the ground that the fine had been improperly imposed by the judge," thereby implying that the law in question was simply not to be enforced.

Gail Kennedy, Evolution and Religion. The second error occurred on page 19, next-to-last paragraph. Popular newspaper accounts frequently declared this, but a careful comparison reveals no similarity in Ohio, or Georgia.

The Florida bill, however, does show signs of strong influence, though it was drafted by another creationist organization, Citizens for Fairness in Education, in South Carolina. This same group was behind the Anderson, South Carolina resolution, which did take some sentences verbatim from ICR materials.

The Legal Issues The legal objections to placing Special Creation doctrines in the science classroom form what, quite frankly, can only be called an air-tight case.

Let us, then, explore the history, tactics, and legal efforts of the creationist movement so as to better understand why it has never won a constitutional battle.

A History of the Legal Conflict Large scale challenges to the teaching of evolution by creationists have occurred on three significant occasions in the last century and a half. On each occasion, creationists have attacked those in the scientific and. Everywhere those thus rudely awakened from their old comfort and repose had swarmed forth angry and confused.

Reviews, sermons, books light and heavy, came flying at the new thinker from all sides.

See a Problem?

Rougemont had called for a crusade against evolution in Switzerland. And a similar crusade had almost taken place among the scientific community in America until Asa Gray, the foremost American botanist, won it over in a series of stunning public debates at Harvard that defeated the anti-evolution movement for a time.

In America the Reverend Dr. Hodge of Princeton declared that Christians "have a right to protest against the arraying of probabilities against the clear evidence of the scriptures.

In those days the issue was the teaching of science in any form to children. Huxley had his hands full in England just trying to lay to rest the old classical and theological education so as to make room for such "liberal" studies as science, geography, history, grammar, composition, drawing, and physical education.

And it became an issue largely because its teaching had finally become frequent enough to alarm the conservative American religious community. So, once again the anti-evolutionists formed their battle lines, thereby setting off the second great conflict.

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Between andforty-six pieces of legislation aimed at preventing the teaching of evolution were introduced. Of these, only three were passed, all of which were later declared unconstitutional. Holmes said that "the worst feature of the situation is not so much the intellectual backwardness revealed by the passage of these statutes as the spirit of religious intolerance and disregard of intellectual liberty which prompted their enactment.

Yet nothing could be further from the truth. The only real reason the attacks came to an end was because evolutionists made a compromising retreat. As Mayer points out, "In most American schoolbooks the word evolution simply disappeared. As Bette Chambers noted when president of the American Humanist Association, "Years ago we were made painfully aware that this intricate and beautiful principle of modern biology is taught almost nowhere without extensive apologetics or having first been filtered through a sieve of nervous religious disclaimers.

So, even though the legislative track record of creationists was poor, they had an impressive long-term success in convincing teachers and publishers to soft-pedal evolution Cowen, That is, they managed to set up an - page 4 - environment where evolution was "selected out" of text books by a "slow and gradual process" which went almost unnoticed.

No wonder only one piece of legislation attempting to prohibit the teaching of evolution was introduced in the 33 years between and Sooner or later the scientific and academic community would have to wake up to the fact that only a shadow of evolution, if any at all, was being presented in the public schools.

And to help bring about this awakening, biologist Hermann J. Russian advances in the space race had parents and school boards calling for more science education. So, inbiology textbooks sponsored by the National Science Foundation went into use with government funding.Chaos theory is a branch of mathematics focusing on the behavior of dynamical systems that are highly sensitive to initial conditions.

'Chaos' is an interdisciplinary theory stating that within the apparent randomness of chaotic complex systems, there are underlying patterns, constant feedback loops, repetition, self-similarity, fractals, self-organization, . Nevertheless, my original thesis still stands: languages change, are transformed by many different external pressures, adapt to circumstances, change when a group of humans is isolated from the main body of its common language, and evolve new forms, new grammar, new words to suit circumstances and discoveries - mimicing the manner in .

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Creation/Evolution will publish short items dealing with pro-evolution activities, creationist activities, tactics that have proven successful, important forthcoming legislative and educational meetings where evolutionists should be represented, and the like.

NABT is planning a newsletter which will publish the same kinds of material.

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