Air india problems and solutions

How do we solve a problem like Air India? Devesh Agarwal July 14, Uncategorized Leave a comment On the morning of May 5th an Airbus A operating Air India flight AI with a seating capacity of passengers was accidentally pushed back from the gate at Mumbai airport while the aero bridge was still connected to the aircraft. The door was badly damaged, and the passengers had to be transferred to another aircraft.

Air india problems and solutions

Explore the latest strategic trends, research and analysis Since my arrival in India, I have had access to three different sources of water; tap, which most of the time comes from a tank in my roof and is used mostly to wash dishes and take showers; filtered, for washing vegetables and to cook with; and mineral water, consumed in bottles or from a dispenser.

There are also water tankers used by millions of families Air india problems and solutions, big trucks that deliver water in case of water shortages, and people selling water in the streets. This issue is reinforced each day by a growing population, rapid urbanization and the growing demand for water from agriculture, energy and industry.

Access to drinking water is recognized to be, above all, a question of public and domestic health.

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According to UNICEF, only a quarter of the total population in India has drinking water on their premises and nearly three-quarters of all diseases in India are caused by contaminants in the water supply.

Whatever the location and the context, I would say that the water sector has to meet five main requirements to ensure access to water for all. Capitalize on existing assets The primary mission of a water operator in India is probably to optimize existing infrastructure, such as water production and treatment plants, water networks and reservoirs.

Basically, the idea is to supply water to more people while using the same capacities, rather than waiting for new infrastructures to be built. Efficient management is crucial in extending the scope of existing services. For instance, since in Karnataka, as part of a performance contract with the cities of Hubli-Dharwad, Gulbarga and Belgaum and in partnership with the World Bank, it became possible to provide a continuous water supply topeople who previously, at best, received water for only a few hours a week.

Adapt services to ensure affordability In the context of public-private partnerships, the public sector retains ownership of the assets and, most importantly, sets the tariffs. One of the main challenges is to ensure that the cost of an individual connection is affordable and that tariffs are not prohibitive for the poorest people.

In the towns of Hubli-Dharwad, Belgaum and Gulbarga, working with the municipal corporations and the World Bank, we devised a solution that ensured charges for individual connection to the water network were affordable for all. Create local customer services Designing services for all citizens in partnership with elected representatives is something that most local people will expect.

Offering the most well-adapted customer service to all our users by targeting their needs precisely is a duty that every water distributor should have. All the members of this team are social workers from local communities who visit every household to explain the work of Orange City Water and answer their questions.

They also carry out various service operations, such as dealing with applications for a water connection, subscriptions to the service and access to information about the water supply.

Air india problems and solutions

Testing new models is another challenge for water operators, particularly when creating access to water to peri-urban and rural areas. This is why, inwe launched a joint venture between Veolia Water and Grameen Healthcare.

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The profits of the new service will be reinvested to extend the distribution network and launch other similar projects.

Thanks to this model, today more than 2, people have access to drinking water in the villages of Goalmari and Padua Union. Speak to users and raise awareness If technological expertise is at the root of a project, too often social support is missing, despite the fact that explaining good water use is essential to maximizing the benefits of services for local populations.

Communicating the relation between water, good hygiene and health, for example, should be one of our main responsibilities.

5 ways to solve India’s water crisis | World Economic Forum

Access to drinking water is a concern that everyone in India faces, rich or poor. By distributing pressurized and potable water via taps, 24 hours a day and 7 days a week, we can ensure that everyone has equal access to this precious resource.

As long as the will is there, it is possible.

Air india problems and solutions

More on India and water.India needs to find solution to these problems. Fresh and innovative ideas in consonance with the ambitious Swachh Bharat Abhiyan are required to solve this problem, which otherwise can have.

Introduction Pollution is a serious problem that badly affects the entire earth and living organisms including man. Major source of pollutants are combustion of fuels, industrial wastes, dust, mist, smoke, fog, fumes, and many others. It is a fact that most of these sources are inevitable for us.

While some of the problems that the airline faces - such as high fuel costs and tough competition - are common to other companies in the sector, Air India also has a unique problem that is now.

Air India: Problems run deep in India's national airline - BBC News

The bureaucracy in Air India did not let it buy the aircrafts that were desperately needed and thus to keep the airline going, aircrafts running for more than 20 years are still flying.

Now the thing is different as quite a good number of new aircrafts are in operation, and thus the .

Easy solution to India’s air pollution problem. Gasification of rice straws can solve the problem of air pollution, and with it many others, if only the government was willing to employ it.

Security personnel stand guard in front of the India Gate amidst the heavy smog in New Delhi [image by: Reuters]. Easy solution to India’s air pollution problem. Gasification of rice straws can solve the problem of air pollution, and with it many others, if only the government was willing to employ it.

Security personnel stand guard in front of the India Gate amidst the heavy smog in New Delhi [image by: Reuters].

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