Argumentative essay on stds

Essay Writing Help If you are tasked with writing an argumentative essay on AIDS prevention organizations, your goal by the end of your argumentative work is to convince the other side that the evidence you presented adequately supports your thesis, or that the evidence presented by the opposing side is false or insufficient. Some writers prefer explaining the flaws in the opposition while others prefer presenting evidence enough to not just disprove the opposition, but to prove their side in things.

Argumentative essay on stds

Below are 20 argumentative topics on AIDS organizations: In addition, to polish your paper, check with our tips on argumentative essay writing. Now, below is a sample paper that will be a good example for your assignment. The first issue is that of human rights.

The second issue that of human dignity. The third issue is that of gender equality.

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Without these things, all of the most highly affected individuals will be unable to partake equally in the prevention, treatment, and care for AIDS.

In cases where there are serious human rights violations, there are often cases that are similar to those of gender inequality. Certain groups — be it classes, religious groups, or genders — are unable to acquire the assistance they need.

In certain countries a gap between classes or religious oppression can prevent a particular class of individuals within that country from attending school or educational courses whereby they might be able to acquire the knowledge necessary to not only understand AIDS, but to stop its spread and to treat it when it exists.

In areas like India where a strong class system exists, there are levels of separation which dictate the schooling and jobs that individuals can hold.

Those without the means to get a decently paying job are left unable to afford the treatment they require or the medication they need. Human dignity is something which dictates that everyone should be treated in a dignified manner. In places where human dignity is not respected, certain individuals may not be allowed to access the information or medication they need to properly treat AIDS.

Communities which are led by strong religious leadership may prohibit their constituents from using the contraceptives that prevent the spread of AIDS because of the device by which the Romans tortured and killed Jews thousands of years ago, or Christian-based faiths.

In some countries, the organizations attempting to provide said services are not allowed to access the constituents they need because of legal or social reasons. They may not have their freely given medication safe from theft or they may not have the transportation to get to the locations where such services are possible.

In cases where sex remains a stigma, people who may need such services could be shunned from society or looked down up, thus having their dignity taken, for seeking assistance with this disease or any other. Gender inequality poses one of the key threats to the successful eradication and treatment of AIDS.

In countries where gender inequality prevails, women are denied their right to or have limited funding which prevents them from accessing proper sexual education, or any education at all.

If women are not allowed to receive education, they cannot better understand the problem of AIDS or what treatments are available for them. In countries where women cannot leave the house without a male escort, getting to an area where help is being administered is often times prohibited and impossible no matter how dire the need.

In the same area, being unable to hold a job limits the available income and means of travel and transportation that women have to the same medical information, treatment, and care afforded to males within the same community.

Finally, in countries where there does not exist gender equality, females may be unable to report cases of sexual assault or abuse that may have resulted in the transfer or AIDS or may be unable to use the contraceptives that work to prevent it when a man denies them.

The first issue is that of human rights, that of human dignity, and gender equality. The White House, n. Militarism, Development and the Environment.

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Argumentative essay on stds

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Argumentative Essay How to write an Argumentative Essay: Outline, Structure, Format, Examples, Topics How to write an argumentative essay?

The leading tone in an argumentative essay is the position of proving that the presented point of view is the correct one and possesses more truthful arguments than any other opinions. Argumentative essay topics on AIDS prevention can be various so we've prepared some for you.

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Look through our aids essay topics and you'll find one for your paper. Essay STDs - I chose do my biology report on Sexually Transmitted Diseases because STDs are becoming a concern for Americans and especially American teens. There are two kinds of STDs, viral and bacterial.

Argumentative essay on stds

Viral Studs are incurable; the most common viral .

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