Book report on mississippi trial 1955

Monday, November 9, Mississippi Trial,

Book report on mississippi trial 1955

This was one of those books where the actual book wasn't the best, but the meaning and the message that this book spreads is something that is meaningful and worth the read. This book follows a teenager named Hiram, who decides to visit his grandfather in Mississippi after seven years when he moved to Arizona.

When he arrives back, he realizes the various racism and inequality issues that happen in Mississippi. After the death of his best friend, he is forced to testify in a court trial as the battle of racism and segregation continues.

I think the actual plot and story isn't the best. However, the messages that this book spread regarding racism and segregation among different races is something that should be addressed.

It is meaningful and leaves the reader with a message. I don't really have that much to say about this book, but I think that I did enjoy this. The actual trial that happens in this book was pretty boring in all honesty. All of the events in this book lead up to the trial, and the trial isn't even interesting.

It doesn't deserve all the suspense and such that happens, and unfortunately, I think it is the worst aspect of this book.

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I would recommend this book if you are looking for something with a meaningful and strong message. It isn't the best book in terms of plot and story, but again the themes and issues addressed are important and have meaning.

Sorry if this review is so short; I don't really have that much to say and since I read this for school, I also paid less attention to the character and plot things in this bookMay 27,  · The book Mississippi Trial, is an amazing book by Chris Crowe.

This book is based on a tragic murder that helped to start the Civil Rights movement.

Book report on mississippi trial 1955

All the characters in this book were from different backgrounds and had very different outlooks/5. Mississippi Trial Book Report Before the story were the years of racism where most Mississippians hate all blacks.

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They treated the blacks as if they were junk, not deserving the rights they had. Mississippi Trial Book ReportChris Crowe is the author of several books, most notably Mississippi Trial, , which won several awards, including the International Reading This is just a preview.

The entire section has words. Without giving the whole storyline away, Mississippi Trial is told through the eyes of Hiram Hillburn, a fifteen year old boy who grew up in the heartlands of Mississippi.

Report abuse. Transcript of Missipi trial of chapter 15 and QESTIONS: Summeries Mississippi trial, 1. Why was Hiram at the trial?

a)Just for fun. b)To testify against RC c)To tell Emmett's mom he was sorry. 2. Who met Bryant and Milam at the door the night of Emmett's kidnapping? a)Emmett's mom. b)Uncle Mose. This book, the Mississippi Trial, , is a work of art! This book tell all about living in Mississippi in the '40's and '50's.

Living in such a southren area .

Book report on mississippi trial 1955
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