Censorship in radio essay

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Censorship in radio essay

Here is what turned up when I did so: I called him on the phone, but all I got was his answering machine, so I left a message. Then I did a Net search, putting in his name and that of the man he does most of his videos for, Jim Fetzer.

Finally, and pretty quickly, the mystery was solved. Please note that it is on a new Internet platform called news. My name is Jason Boss and I am the private individual who built news. I lost my 20, subs and videos on youtube as I exposed the Las Vegas hoax. I have been in IT all my life and even spent 4 years working at Google in the Oregon data center.

I know how to build servers, networks, I am tired of the people telling the truth being silenced. We are in dark days and the only way to fight this kind of war is to be able to fight the suppression Censorship in radio essay information.

Censorship in radio essay

I have come to meet and know a lot of people I had never heard of on YouTube. Imagine what a group of patriots could do with that kind of cash.

The limitations we will always have will be upon scaling the infrastructure. Right now we have a few aces in the hole because I own an ISP and can use its resources to help build this but if this gets too big to quick, we may have some issues.

Because I know these servers will probably be raided, seized, and hacked by the alphabet gangs and those who hate the truth, I have multi continent backups.

They can destroy our entire server infrastructure and I should still be able to rebuild the database and files fairly easily.

The censorship of radio airwaves has a history dating back to the start of the 20th century, however, significant progress was made over control of airwaves during the late ’s and early 30’s as federal regulators were given the power to suspend the licenses of providers who were broadcasting obscene or profane language. Jun 22,  · Censorship essays / Censorship Should Be Censored Censorship should be censored In BC the comitia centura of the ancient Roman State began the fight over censorship, or withholding lawful information from the public to protect the public from violence, pornography, etc This committee felt there was a need for the office of . OUT TODAY: Panel Power, CBLDF’s New Resource for Parents, Educators, Librarians, and Retailers! Inspire kids to become lifelong readers with Panel Power, a CBLDF resource that provides an introduction to comics and background on why they’re good for kids!

I am ready for this kind of war. I know you guys are out there, if you find an exploit of any kind, please please please email me at jboss gmail. In our endeavor for truth and waking people up, I know most of you hackers are out for the same things we are out for and this is your chance to help us get secured and stand a chance against paid hackers that will be coming.

I have brought a partner into news. Someone a lot of you probably know and someone who I respect highly.

FromDeath2Life is the official partner of mine in this quest for the truth endeavor. Till that day we have dedicated what we can into keeping your videos safe and censorship free. I want to thank folks like Side Thorn and Granny Conspiracy for their support of this site and for being tough old patriots there, not just laying down.

This site belongs to all of you guys out there If there was ever a person who sounded like he was worth rallying around and supporting, Jason Boss is the one. Notice he says that it was his skeptical coverage of the Las Vegas shooting that got him banished from YouTube, versus the Parkland incident for Fetzer.

These are the two big mass shooting events that have occurred so far during the Trump administration, and the Google people running YouTube, or the ones behind Google, have become very wary about too much truth getting out about them, and they have decided to practice the 21th century version of book burning in order to try to keep the lid on.

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Another victim of the Parkland school-shooting news suppression banished from YouTube, whose radio talk show Fetzer called the best on the Internet, is the Irishman Richie Allen.

The establishment knows this. This is why these monopolies were allowed to develop, so that they could come after shows like The Richie Allen Show when they felt like it. Over the last eighteen months, they have limited the reach of the channel by shadow banning it, in other words making it difficult for users to discover it.

Part of the hue and cry was raised by people like Sarah Westall, whose YouTube interview of Allen is also well worth watching. It should also be noted that not all of what King and Fetzer had previously put up on YouTube has been taken down. That sort of makes me feel particularly honored that the Cheverly Brothers videos, all of which went up on YouTube before May 8, cannot now be found on this near monopoly Net platform.

The struggle against censorship by YouTube on purely political grounds is apparently an ongoing thing, as we can see from this Daily Mail article on a conservative PragerU presentation that was blocked from view at schools and libraries for a time by YouTube.

There are even big players in the GAME government, academia, media, entertainment who are calling for just this sort of censorship to take place. See this article on a New York Times op-ed by an academic parrot of the mainstream narrative. The concentration of the power over our minds in the mainstream media is already bad enough, but that possessed by Amazon and Google is truly frightening, and we can already see how they are abusing it.

The episode of the firing by Google of software engineer James Damore for writing a memo explaining the disparity in number of employees in the upper reaches of technology fields between men and women sheds a great deal of light upon the direction in which that power abuse is likely to go, at least at Google.

Net As it happens, at least in the short run and from a personal standpoint, this story has a happy ending. Gary King used his own software when he created the Cheverly Brothers videos, rather than relying upon YouTube instructions to create them.

Therefore, he still had them after YouTube took them down. In a few days, at my urging, of course, he was able to get them back online, this time where they are likely to stay for as long as the platform does, which is at news.

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Here is your opportunity to do your part to help news.Finally, this essay will explore if there is a need for censorship in society with a focus on undesirable material and its effects on children and why. The word ‘censor’ is defined as ‘to examine and expurgate’.

The Censorship Groups. More than a dozen government bodies review and enforce laws related to information flow within, into, and out of China. The most powerful monitoring body is the Communist. - American Censorship of Japanese Animation Abrstract: This essay will explore why Americans feel the need to censor Japanese Animation, how the Japanese culture differs from American culture, and how to solve the growing debate of the censorship of Japanese media.

The Importance of Censorship Essay The Importance of Censorship Censorship affects our society in many different ways, it affects the music we listen to, the movies we watch, the books we read, and many other aspects of our everyday lives.

Censorship in Australia is called classification and material, though technically being given an advisory rating, can officially be Refused Classification which results in the material being banned.

The system also has several levels of "restricted" categories, prohibiting sale, exhibition or use of some materials to those who are under a prescribed age. The Japanese media presents some startling differences when compared with the press in other leading industrial countries of the world.

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