Critical essays on rhett butlers people

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Critical essays on rhett butlers people

So, at least to some degree, he knew what he was getting into. It depends upon who you ask, of course, and in the end, you the reader should give it a fair read and see what you think. Be prepared to be disappointed. We know it is supposed to be about Mammy because the cover of the book states: There, she and her husband become involved with the historical figure of Denmark Vesey and his aborted slave revolt, predictably to a tragic end.

The book is pages.

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Which means only roughly one-sixth of the book is actually about Ruth. The first chapter hints that Ruth herself is not going to dominate the storyline, no matter what the book cover says.

After nineteen pages of a cursory tale about a French couple sent to violence-torn Saint-Domingue modern-day Haitia young Ruth finally appears in a sprinkle of three paragraphs at the end of the chapter.

And even then, McCaig makes no attempt to show or to tell how the child feels, dripping as she is with the blood of her slaughtered mother.

Critical essays on rhett butlers people

Who then is the book actually and specifically about if not Ruth? These are interesting women, each strong and conflicted and challenged in turn as McCaig does a decent job of telling their stories. Ruth is strangely passive and willingly subservient for most of the story.

Oh, sure, slight plot spoiler here Ruth fights for her virtue against the drunken advances of her master perhaps ironically portrayed as a decent kind of guy for a whiskey-guzzling, slave-owning chronic gambler. But otherwise Ruth comes dangerously close to being exactly what an auctioneer calls her in Charleston: Perhaps more than docility, there is something so ingratiating about Ruth that she is all but obsequious at times.

This trait appears from the first time the readers meet Ruth as a child. And, yes, slaves and other captives no doubt learn to act this way for their survival.

Not always, mind you, but often enough to give pause. Even when Ruth does show her inner and outer strength in conking her drunken master over the head rather than submitting to his sexual advances, she does not follow up with a quest for freedom.

Critical essays on rhett butlers people

She simply demands that he write her a pass so that someone else can buy her as a slave. McCaig does not tell us why he does so, but one could infer he acts out of a sense of shame.

The World the Slaves Made Vintage Perhaps Mitchell, growing up a provincial Georgia Southern Belle in a white culture still reeling from the devastation of the War Between the States and regaled from infancy with the tales of the Glorious Lost Cause, can be excused for indulging in all that happy slave nonsense.

But McCaig is a worldlier author—born and educated in Montana, the man had a successful New York City career in advertising and ties to a progressive past. He also had the advantage of another seven and a half decades of scholarly research that produced such happy-slave-myth-shattering books as Roll Jordon Roll.

He should have known better! When Scarlett refuses to pre-eat before the Wilkes barbeque, Mammy is the more powerful personality and in the end, Scarlett does exactly as Mammy tells her to do. Later, when Scarlett determines to go to Atlanta to seek the tax money for Tara from Rhett, she tells Mammy she is going alone.

But Mammy insists that she will go with Scarlett. Now that we all pretty much know better or shouldMcCaig could have debunked the myths as Sue Monk Kid does in The Invention of Wings Viking Adulta novel touching on similar themes and history, but with a great deal more force, accuracy, and passion.

Be that as it may, the Mammy of the original novel is still no sap. And certainly she is not docile, passive or obsequious. Mammy is not afraid to call Scarlett and Rhett mules or to order Scarlett about. This is a surprise as McCaig has repeatedly proven himself to be a very capable writer with previous books.

There are these long strange rambling sequences that seem to have little to do with Ruth or the plot and which toss out multiple characters for no apparent reason, yet go on and on. Then, when the single most horrible thing that could ever happen to Ruth does happen, McCaig gives the event less than a page—six paragraphs to be exact.

The unknown but all-knowing narrator is alternatively snide, preachy, terribly bored, or glib—or just hurrying to get through with it. Click here to purchase this book:critical essays on rhett butler's people; homework helpers for high school chemisty.

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"Rhett Butler's People" is a unique view of "Gone with the Wind" by Margaret Mitchell from Rhett Butler's perspective. This is a MUST READ for anyone who loves the movie or book. I was a bit disappointed that the author, Donald McCaig, did not address the storyline laid out in "Scarlett" by Alexandra Ripley.

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Jan 09,  · Rhett Butler's People delves into Rhett's background, his father's cruel treatment of him and of the slaves they owned, and shows Rhett's total lack of prejudice; in fact his closeness to the slaves on the rice Lori. Scarlett O’Hara, a Georgia belle. Gently bred on Tara plantation and the wife of Charles Hamilton, she finds herself, through the fortunes of war, a widow and the mistress of a ruined plantation.

Disagree – Agree: – This is a great novel so rich both in the ways of portrayings the complexities of a human society with a lot of main characters and their particular ways of thinking and expression.

Rhett Butler's People by Donald McCaig Book Reviews