How to write a script for a puppet show

By taking people through a roller coaster of human's emotion, you help them feel the complexities of being human or a puppet with human emotions. We are after all complex beings! Pauses in the right places to allow silence to speak Funny and goofy are not the same thing - Don't get so lost on entertaining the crowd that you miss the point of your monologue.

How to write a script for a puppet show

Do your kids like to tell stories?

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Are they fascinated by the interaction of light and shadow? Introduce them to the ancient Chinese art of shadow-puppet theater and put on your own family show. Your family will enjoy poetic evening shows and make lasting memories together.

Why Play With Shadows? Shadows are mysterious, intriguing and fun. My kids love to play nighttime flashlight games. They enjoy casting shadows on the walls with their bed lamps, creating different shapes and creatures.

I bet your kids like shadows, too. And it draws from a rich cultural tradition from ancient China. The art of shadow play originated in China and dates back thousands of years.

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Live performances include spectacular effects based on light and shadows, intricate puppets and props with moving parts and unique instrumental and vocal music that has been passed down for generations. This minute documentary shows examples of the art and music of traditional Chinese shadow theater.

The number of traditional shadow show troupes is dwindling and efforts are being made to record and preserve the plays, puppets and music before the tradition is lost. Creating a world of their own.

how to write a script for a puppet show

Teach your kids about this Chinese cultural tradition and then create a simplified version yourselves. Preparation Time 10 minutes to think about the story theme and look for the corresponding shapes 30 minutes to cut out your puppets 20 minutes to install your theater and try out light effects Activity Time Location Indoors, in a room that can easily be made dark In addition to being artistic, you can use shadow play as an interactive science experiment!

To perform a puppet show, your family will need to experiment with light and learn how it works to produce the best shadows. When something blocks the path of the light—like a cutout paper figure—it creates a shadow.

This video will help kids understand the properties of light and shadow. Move an object around in the light and watch what happens to the shadow. Does it get bigger, smaller or do something else? Try different types of objects. Which ones are opaque, translucent or transparent?

Create Your Story Explain to your kids that you are going to create a play together using shadows to act out the story.How to Write a Puppet Script. Writing puppet scripts for children can be a challenge, but it can also be fun. Sometimes children are hard to please, but if you write skits that you believe are entertaining and interesting chances are your audience will too.

Students will then write the script, perform the play (or puppet show), and often laugh a lot.

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Variations on this project include biographies of famous Spanish speakers, reenactments of historical events, and plays based upon Spanish short stories.

Puppet show: You could write your own script, design your own puppets, and give performances for younger children after school.

how to write a script for a puppet show

Drug-free events: You could sponsor a drug-free day at school, or organize a drug and alcohol-free prom or dance, or perhaps a 5K run.

Nonverbal communication Activities: puppet show Nonverbal communication Activities: puppet show Students Will: 6. (Optional) If students have practiced and performed with both scripts, have them write their own script!

The should write dialogue between the lemur and the hedgehog and puppet show Lemur/Hedgehog Script #1 Lemur (proud. Dec 25,  · The script for your puppet show or ventriloquist act is going to play a vital role in making your performance a success.

Create a name and character for your ventriloquist dummy.

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Ventriloquist Edgar Bergen became famous for his dummy, "Charlie McCarthy". 1. Show students the front cover of the book Hedgie's Surprise, and have them write or draw their predictions of what will happen in the book in the left-hand column of the prediction can write or draw several predictions.

2. Come together as a whole group and record some of .

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