Jfk conspiracy theories

Assassination of John F.

Jfk conspiracy theories

The commission concluded that the gunmen were part of a "conspiracy," without determining exactly who was behind it, opening the door to five decades and a cottage industry of theories.

In no particular order and with no endorsement, here are five of the most popular Kennedy assassination conspiracy theories. Proponents of the theory point to two pieces of evidence. Conspiracy theorists allege that Soviet Premier Nikita Khrushchev was so embarrassed by having to back down following the Cuban Missile Crisis he ordered the hit on Kennedy.

Both the Warren Commission and the House Committee on Assassinations found little evidence to support a Soviet-backed operation, but one former KGB agent came out years later to say the Russians played a role in the plot. Kennedy botched the Bay of Pigs invasion, ending any hopes of American organized crime returning to Cuba and enraging the mafia.

One version of the theory has the CIA, who had already Jfk conspiracy theories the mob about killing Castro, asking the mafia to carry out the Kennedy hit. In another version the mob is paid to kill Kennedy by anti-Castro Cubans. Many proponents of this conspiracy theory point to Jack Ruby, the Dallas nightclub owner with known mafia connections, who killed Lee Harvey Oswald two days after his arrest.

The JFK Assassination

The Warren Commission cleared the mafia from involvement in any such plot. The House Committee on Assassinations found that the mafia was not involved in a conspiracy, but did not rule out that individuals with mob ties were part of the plot. Perhaps the most famous proponent of the Cuban theory was President Lyndon Johnson, the man who would succeed Kennedy following the assassination.

Both the Warren Commission and the House Committee on Assassinations cleared the Cubans of any involvement and when Castro was interviewed by Bill Moyers in he called the theory "absolute insanity.

Lyndon Johnson, the man who became president. The gist of the theory is that Johnson was motivated by ambition and received help from members of the CIA and wealthy tycoons who believed they would profit more under a Johnson administration. According to one version of the theory, Johnson was aided in the plot by another man who would become president, George H.

Bush, a burgeoning CIA official who happened to be in Dallas on the day of the assassination. The Central Intelligence Agency is an easy boogeyman.

Its workings and agents are a secret to most Americans, and the agency in the s had a reputation for high-level political assassinations. One theory suggests that Oswald was a CIA operative and agents tampered with his FBI file before and after the investigation to make it appear he was a communist and lone wolf.

In its report, the House Select Committee on Assassinations found that there was no indication that Oswald "had ever had contact with the Agency.A good, well-reasoned overview of the assassination from someone skeptical of conspiracy theories is Dave Reitzes "JFK Conspiracy Theories at How the Skeptics Got It Wrong and Why It Matters." It's a good "first read" for somebody who had read just conspiracy books (or seen conspiracy documentaries) and wants to see .

Most JFK conspiracy theories pivot around the idea that Oswald wasn’t acting alone. When the president was hit by the bullet that killed him, the motorcade was passing a grassy knoll on the north side of Elm Street.

Jfk conspiracy theories

Oct 26,  · Update: The National Archives on Thursday released thousands of documents related to the assassination of President John F. Kennedy. Read the coverage, here» As the longtime government explanation goes: President John F.

Kennedy was assassinated on Nov. 22, , by a lone gunman, Lee Harvey Oswald. . Mar 21,  · An expert weighs in on several conspiracy theories surrounding the assassination of President John F.

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Kennedy. The trajectory of the bullets, some say, didn't square with Oswald's perch on the sixth floor of the Texas School Book Depository. Others suggest a second gunman — perhaps on the grassy knoll of Dealey Plaza — participated in the shooting.

Others believe in an even broader conspiracy. Nov 11,  · In the years since Kennedy's death more than 2, books have been written about the assassination, many of which espouse one or more conspiracy theories.

John F. Kennedy assassination conspiracy theories - Wikipedia