Leased line

A method of moving data around the Internet that allows many people to use the same lines at the same time.

Leased line

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It offers a choice of high, medium and low speed leased data circuits as well as dial-up lines. Bandwidth is available on demand in most of the cities.

For dedicated point to point speech, private wire, tele-printer and data circuits are given on lease basis. The State-of-the-art technology equipment MLLN is designed mainly for having effective control, monitor on the leased line so that the down time is very much minimised.

The Terminating equipment at both ends is telephone without dialing facility. Both way signaling and speech is possible. Data Circuits - Local or Long distance data circuits at different speeds viz. Data Circuits are of different types: Point to Point Data Circuits - Local and Long Distance Private Data Network - More than one Local or Long Distance leased circuits converging on a location such that data from one leased circuit can be transferred automatically to another leased circuit for the same subscriber.

Closed User Group - Leased circuits can be used by more than one legal entity if they form closed user group.

Leased line

The following categories of user groups constitute closed user groups for the purpose of licensing Private Telecom Networks. Producers of same categories of goods.

Providers of the same category of service. Holding company and its subsidiaries. Companies under the same management Travel agents issuing tickets on the member airlines, whose network they use including the network of a group of member airlines.

Financial institutions registered as Mutual funds and their agents. Other non-banking financial institutions.

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Customer requiring these services may apply to Chief General Manager of respective territorial Telecom Circle.Along with his wife Jan, Greg Judy of Clark, Missouri, runs a grazing operation on acres of leased and owned land.

Greg and Jan went from near bankruptcy in to paying off a acre farm and house in 3 years with custom grazing on leased land and are completely debt free today. Leased line for your company - All providers and prices at a glance.

Leased line

Direct online provider check for your location!!/5(K). When internet connectivity is the cornerstone of your business, and nothing less than % availability and scorching speeds will do, you need a BTnet leased line.

Now with new integrated Wi-Fi, Guest Wi-Fi and simple LAN included. Plus the option to add our new BTnet Security package. Area Development asset management feature articles provide information about industry topics including risk management, workplace development, commercial building, and cost savings.

A leased line is a telephone line that has been leased for private use.

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In some contexts, it's called a dedicated line. A leased line is usually contrasted with a switched line or dial-up line.

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