Racial profiling in airport security

Submit Yes, national security is most important. Obviously, racial profiling is going to hassle some innocent people. But what's really important is that we are protected from terrorist attacks

Racial profiling in airport security

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In this blog I present, in an informal way, core ideas in philosophy and their application to current events and everyday life.

For critical thinking lessons and resources, please check out my free online course reasoningforthedigitalage. I guess I'd forgotten to press "publish". Anyway, given the recent changes in airport security measures it seems serendipitous that I found it now Wednesday January 27 First of all, I obviously wasn't able to comply with my new schedule.

Band rehearsal ended up being post-poned for 30min but I didn't know how long it was going to actually be when I started waiting. One of the guys in the band had to do a media interview so we couldn't start until it was done. Usually they like to do several takes so the duration of interviews is always unknown.

While waiting I practised my stick toss. Then I was supposed to do a "meet and greet" after rehearsal, so I got ready and waited I guess it got cancelled because the next thing I heard was 20min to curtain. Maybe tomorrow will go according to plan Before anyone gets all huffy about what I'm going to write, I want to say that this is a thought experiment.

Policies that I find logically compelling I have trouble with on other grounds. Besides, this is my blog, and if you don't like it, go write your own! I listened to a really interesting interview on my favourite podcast "Skeptics' Guide to the Universe". It was about racial profiling for airport security.

Although I'm not an airport security expert big shock, I know I'd always leaned toward racial and geographical profiling in this context.

Racial profiling in airport security

I know, I know, racial profiling is not something one should publicly support unless you are spend your afternoons in rocking chairs swatting flies and telling any newcomers to your neighbourhood "we don' like yur kahd 'round here".

However, in the context of airport security there seems to be an intuitively strong case for it.

Better Safe Than Sorry

I know it's not fair for the innocent majority members of this group to be screened more that non-group members but who said security had to be fair? The interviewee was an international airport security expert and he asserted unequivocally that racial profiling does not work for airport security.

Airport security is much more effective when secondary screening is random. Apparently, this isn't even a debate amongst security experts. That's food for thought.Responses to Leaving Tel Aviv: My Experience Through Airport Security at Ben Gurion.

Caucasian Americans are the most likely to accept racial profiling at security checkpoints in an airport as nearly half believe it is justified to stop people because of their race. The African American population is the least likely to say that the practice of racial profiling is ever justified.

One Nation want security screening at airports to be based on racial and religious profiling. Senator Malcolm Roberts said it is 'absurd' all travellers are treated the same despite race or religion.

With TSA Under Fire, Is Racial Profiling on the Table? - CBS News

Mar 22,  · Airport security: As travelers around the world absorb the implications of the Brussels attacks, there are calls to improve airport safety. A growing number of Muslims, Sikhs, and people of Middle Eastern descent are reporting incidents of racial and religious profiling while trying to board planes, sparking concerns that rising anti.

The Transportation Security Administration (TSA) has been accused of widespread racial profiling in its new initiative to flag potential terrorist threats at Logan International Airport in Boston.. According to a report by the New York Times, more than thirty federal officers involved in the Behavior Detection Program said the operation targets Black and Hispanic people as well as people of.

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