Undergraduate advising office essay

Criticals not taken at UConn after matriculation Minimum Eligibility Requirements Current UConn students seeking to apply to the School of Business must meet the following minimum requirements for their application to be eligible for review. There are no exceptions to the minimum requirements.

Undergraduate advising office essay

When I first came to Austin Admissions Consulting, my scores were very low. After only a few weeks of tutoring, my score increased dramatically.

I would absolutely recommend this company to anyone looking to improve their test scores. He was diligent, extremely flexible and always avaliable via text, call or email. He worked tirelessly on helping me craft the perfect personal statement for law school, and even looked over my entire application as well.

Given that law schools do not usually conduct interviews, his expertise and advice in refining my personal statement and resume was truly invaluable and will never be forgotten. He listened to everything I explained I wanted to say and found the perfect way to weave them all together into a beautifully coherent and concise essay about myself.

His writing skills are phenomenal and his intelligence on a variety of topics was second to none.

Undergraduate advising office essay

He even cares about what happens after you leave his office given that he has checked in on me multiple times since our sessions.

As a result, I am happy to say that I not only got into my target schools, but I also received scholarships from them all, and many of them specifically mentioned aspects of my personal statement in a hand written note from the dean of each school.

I truly can never thank Leo Watts enough and I would recommend him to any and everyone looking to better any aspect of their academic portfolio. However, Leo Watts helped me to mold my own experiences and ideas into unique and concise essays that conveyed my spirit and my drive.

His advice and help were invaluable! I was struggling with reaching my scores, but Kevin Vu took me as a student and we quickly prepared for the upcoming exam. The tips, and the advice is all great, I will definitely recommend this to a friend! Their employees are very knowledgeable about local business programs and know the top ways to get into the program of your choice.

They are highly recommended for their service, price, and flexibility. He met with me several times a week for over three months to help me write an amazing personal statement, a resume, and help me study for the GRE.

Undergraduate advising office essay

I appreciated his flexibility, willingness to help over email, and knowledge of what schools are looking for.

I would recommend him for anyone seeking help to get into school at any level! I cannot say how happy I was to work with Austin Admissions Consulting.

Their assistance was invaluable. To start, Austin Admissions Consulting probed me for my interests, academic and career goals, and academic history. They showed a strong interest in who I was, and gave me tips on how to get where I wanted to go.

We then researched majors and programs that I could apply to, in order to achieve my long-term educational and career goals, and enumerated the benefits and drawbacks of each.Awards for Undergraduate Students Scholarships & Awards Via Application (Application Required).

These are monetary awards, usually based on academic excellence coupled with other criteria including, but not limited to, career pursuits, volunteer activity, and active community participation.

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Proposed Academic Program Essay(s) For each scholarship you check on the application form, write an essay (no more than words each) giving reasons for your first choice academic program and university.

How is the academic program a good fit for you? The Honors Program offers rigorous academics, personal attention from professors and a launch pad to your academic and professional dreams. Learn more.

Check in with the front desk in Goodell (Undergraduate Advising); it's first-come, first-served. Of course, you can also contact Undergraduate Advising for an advising appointment to discuss your schedule, possible majors, or other academic matters.

The Department of History offers a broad range of undergraduate courses in African, East Asian, European, Latin American, Middle Eastern, and United States history, covering chronological periods from ancient to contemporary.

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